Bright Shining Lights

Hey Folks, I wanted to start today with a thank you to Dan Garcia, the originator of the FastLED library, who tragically passed away earlier this week.

Dan and his work's impact on the fields of art and engineering are undeniable and impossible to overstate. The FastLED library powers millions of projects, from the tiniest first steps of a brand new maker to massive art installations that bring light and joy in ways that very few human creations can. FastLED is always the first Arduino library I install on a new dev box and has been the foundation of hundreds of my own builds. Humanity has lost one it's best and brightest and our hearts ache for Dan, his partner Yulia, and their friends and family.

Powered by FastLED.

Powered by FastLED.

Mugsy News

  • Mugsy OS release is scheduled for next Wednesday. I'll be doing a live stream that demos the important functionality, how to install/hack/update/theme it and how the different sections connect to each other. I'll have more info on the stream time at the start of next week.

  • I have confirmed US units are now moving out of the DC. These are not necessarily going out according to backer # as Amazon has different logistical priorities. I will be updating the worksheet today and tomorrow to reflect which units are currently outbound. The buckets in waiting/pre-shipment will not be updated until tomorrow.

  • EU units are still on track to start moving on Monday/Tuesday as mentioned in the last update.

  • I have completed the drag and drop pour builder but have not pushed it to the github yet, this will happen tomorrow or Monday.

  • Ive made significant adjustments to the error messaging and system status display. Here is a quick gif of the current version:



I'm still working with community members on this so there may be more changes. I think we are really close though.

OK, that is it for now. Next update will be on Monday night.