Hey Folks, hope all is well tonight. Going to jump through these real quick tonight.

Status Icons

I received a lot of great feedback from some of you regarding the design of the status icons. The main points being:

  • Required info is not immediately obvious

  • First time users/guests will have no idea what they are looking at

  • Why show something if nothing is wrong?

This is one of those situations where the desire for simplicity led to a design decision that actually caused more confusion.


So I am redesigning the status and error notifications. Thanks to the help of the community, I have a good idea on where we need to be and I have two designs in dev. I will have these completed tomorrow and will demo them in Thursdays update.

Pour Builder

The drag and drop recipe builder is basically complete. I have to pull out some inline css and link the output to the recipe and steps tables. I'll be finishing this tomorrow and will push it to the Github in the evening.

If you build it…

If you build it…

Once this is live, the only remaining interface code left to push will be admin/user settings. These pages are done and just need some minor clean up to match the most recent database schema.


I was able to resolve the shipping rates issue today. It will take another 12-24 hours before the fix is reflected in my shipping fees retainer. Once that happens everything will start moving out and tracking numbers will be live.

I will have confirmation on this in Thursdays update.

Ok, thats all for tonight, see everyone on Thursday!



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