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Coffee RObots

Mugsy is the world's first hackable, customizable, dead simple, robotic coffee maker. Every aspect of your brew can be controlled, from grind size and water temperature to pour over pattern and bloom time. If you prefer simplicity, Mugsy will get out of the way. Just send it a text, a tweet or hit that Coffee Now button and your cup will be ready in the time it takes to get to the kitchen. 


Mugsy combines tried and true, hand crafted coffee brewing methods with incredible open source technology. With his built in steel conical burr grinder, rock solid water temperature control and infinitely configurable pour over patterns, your home brewed coffee will be your favorite coffee. Mugsy even learns how to make the best cup of coffee just for you. Dial in every setting, or let Mugsy do all of the work. He doesn't mind.



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"Mugsy Is the Coffee Maker of Your Dreams"


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D. I. WHY not?

Mugsy's development is deeply rooted in the maker community. Without the philosophy of open sharing fostered by companies like the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Arduino and the thousands of makers sharing their hard work, Mugsy simply could not exist. To continue on with that tradition, Mugsy is also available in an easy to assemble kit. Hack away and make Mugsy work exactly the way you want or just follow along with the in-depth build manual. And if you haven't built something before but always wanted to, no worries at all. If you've put together some Ikea furniture, you can build your very own Mugsy. 

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