Hey folks, just going to jump through a couple of quick notes.

  • Some kit's have started hitting doors! I am trying to get a couple of pics and unboxing vids in time for tomorrow's stream. Stay tuned!

  • I have started ramping up assembly of "Ready to Brew" unit after some delays. These will start going out in higher quantities over the next 7 days. I'm hoping to ship 5 this week and 10-15 next week.

  • Shipping sheet update is in progress.

  • Retro Pi on Mugsy? Yes, Retro Pi on Mugsy:

Blips and bloops while you brew!

Blips and bloops while you brew!

Ok, that is it for the update. Today will be spent finishing up the Mugsy OS updates and walkthroughs for tomorrow's videos. I am planning on pushing everything around 8 or 9pm EST tomorrow. Links will go out here and on the other social media channels.



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