The Fittest Bits

Hey folks, let's get to it!

Shipping News

Just the hits!

  • We now have some confirmed deliveries and a significant number of units with tracking numbers heading out on last mile deliveries. Received your delivery? Send us a pic so we can start celebrating!

  • 100% of orders are now in the Deep Dive tool and are updating automatically as they make their way to their new home. If your unit has not yet shipped, you will see the current location as Astoria, NY. No tracking yet? Check back often as the data refreshes at least twice a day.

  • Did you order an assembled Ready To Brew unit in North America? If your backer # is lower than 250 you will have tracking by Tuesday with delivery by the end of the week.

  • If Deep Dive show your unit has not yet shipped and you would like a delivery estimate, please email at and I'll get you sorted.

You can find Deep Dive here:

Local SSL

All of Mugsy's outbound and cloud based connection run over HTTPS. But in certain situations, HTTP was used for requests that stayed within your local network. This is a no no.

Mugsy now has local SSL so 100% of local network traffic is encrypted. Even internal requests that never leave your machine now run over HTTPS.

NYC Coffee Fest

Community member Steejo reminded me that NYC Coffee Fest is coming up! We will be there hanging out. We are not an exhibitor but would love to meet up with any Mugsy friends who might be there. We will have some stickers/pins and other goodies to give out as well. Please email me at if you would like hang for a bit.

The Other Bits

We spent a lot of extra time on Deep Dive and logistics week so although a lot of progress was made on our todo list items, they are not quite at 100%

  • The DECAF API has been updated to use URL versioning but the key logging table still requires some tweaks before conversion to production. This task will be less than < 2 hours and will be completed on Sunday.

  • If you have not yet received your Alexa invite, it will not be sent until the above task is complete.

  • I have another 2-3 hours remaining on the OS release. I have started pushing additional files but have to move a bunch of JS out of interface HTML files before pushing those. I'm hoping to work on this tomorrow but it will probably be Sunday or Monday before I touch it.

  • Holy cow, the Discord Mugsy channel is super active, super unique and there are friendships blooming all over the place. Mugsy community members have such a wide range of experience and knowledge that the channel is quickly turning into one of my favorite spots on the internet. This is something I never expected to happen but it sure does feel good! Come check it out if you haven't yet!

Ok, thats all for now. Next proper update will be on Friday. Smaller updates will hit FB and Discord before then. Cheers!


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