Deep Dive Alive

Hey Folks, hope all is well out there! Let's get to it.

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive tool is finally alive. It has moved to a new location and can be found here:

Getting this up and running was way more intense than expected. Mostly due to very different data formats and access requirements. I am still adjusting some of the address formats so the current info availability is this:

  • Backer #'s less than 150

  • US, DE and NL

  • Kits(some low # US assembled units are in there though)

I am hitting GB and CA next. 100% of all regions, order types(KS and website) and reward types will be available by Monday. If you would like an update and your country is not yet available, please email me directly at

When all is said and done, I'll be open sourcing this tool as it can definitely help folks who find themselves in similar logistics reporting and sharing situations.

Alexa Invite List

The Alexa app is slowly rolling out to different locations. No need to wait though! Just add your email address to the following list and you can cut the line.

Invite form:

Open Source AI

I have started working on a Mycroft AI integration for Mugsy. Lot's of folks do not use Alexa, Siri, Google, etc and would prefer a fully open source assistant that makes privacy a primary feature. Thanks to community member Mauntz.and.blade for the initial introduction to Mycroft.

Interested in learning more about Mycroft AI? Check it out here:

It's also quite easy to get running on a Raspberry Pi:

I'd also like to remind everyone of community member Johndezember's initiative to get Mugsy working with the Snowboy Hot Word Detection Engine. Snowboy makes it super easy to integrate voice control into all kinds of hardware and software.

You can find Johndezember's Mugsy trainer here:

Next Week

Over the next week we will be:

  • increasing assembled unit production

  • finishing up our demos

  • releasing the Mugsy OS Python Runtime and middleware

  • Resin panels. Resin panels? Yes, resin panels.

Thanks all, that is it for today. Next update will be on Friday(with a plus or minus of 12 hours😉).