Desktops and Resin

Hey folks, let's get right to it!

Coffee Now Desktop Installers

You are now able to download installers for the Coffee Now Desktop app:



We currently have builds for Linux and OS X. The Windows build is still in progress due to some issues with my dev machines WINE install.


I am hoping to have the Windows installer live tomorrow. Windows users can download the source and run with Node before then as needed.

I still need to put out a little set up tutorial and hope to get to that this weekend.

Cloud Control Upgrades

Cloud Control is currently down while I finish up the last couple of upgrades. It will be back up at some point tomorrow afternoon.

Sad clouds.

Sad clouds.

These upgrades will complete the conversion to production as well as finally enable all custom integrations for those who want to start hacking.

Resin Parts

I've been experimenting with short run molding and casting over the last few weeks. The goal is to be able to quickly manufacture improved part designs that are just as good as injection molded parts without the significant start up costs and time requirements.

Here are a few test examples using Mugsy's control knob:

marrrgyle_70716688_432559080706599_226072326402045660_n (1).jpg

These workflows also open up some slick styling options that were not previously available to us. Some of Mugsy's parts are already casted but these new tests and workflows will really push "better every day" to a whole new level.

Shipping Updates

  • Mugsy's are hitting the ground but we are definitely seeing some slow delivery and update times once units get to their last mile distribution centers. I am working to improve these times and have met with my shipping partners to discuss. I am not 100% confident we have resolved these post-tracking slowdowns but should have some solutions in effect in the next 24-48 hours. I will be sharing info on this as it comes in on Discord and FaceBook.

  • All remaining Kickstarter orders will be shipped by 10/12-15. Website orders are now moving into prep and significant batches will start going out on Wednesday of next week. Right now it looks like 100% of all website orders will be shipped by the last week of November or first week of December.

  • I will be updating the next KS units going into prep over the next 48 hours. Those of you who are still seeing Astoria, NY as your location will see that updating by the end of the weekend. Website Orders will start seeing those updates on Mon/Tuesday.

  • I will be adding a “currently shipping order #” display to Deep Dive so it will be easy to see where your unit lines up with the current output. This will be live on Sunday morning.

The Next 72 Hours

  • Build Manual: I was really hoping to have this out to everyone tonight but there are a few important things I want to fix and it's already 4:30 am. I will be working on this tomorrow and hope to have it out then or by Sunday at the latest.

  • Demo Videos: This has been on the back burner unfortunately. I really want this out and I think Tuesday is my day to push live. Stay tuned.

  • More code pushes!

  • Another call with my shipping partners

  • I have around 20 emails that have come in over the last 48 hours I have not yet had a chance to respond to. Apologies for the delay if yours is one of them. All remaining emails will be answered no later than tomorrow night.

Ok, thats all for now! I'm feeling quite good about where we are at this point. There are still some hiccups but things are rapidly coming together. It feels like we are at 99.97% complete on every front and little sprints are closing big gaps and having big impacts.

I'm gonna go sleep for a while but will be back on the Discord server tomorrow in the afternoon/evening with more updates. Have a great weekend!