Cone Party

Hey Folks, hope everyone has had a great week! Let's get to it.

Universal Cone Mount

I'm a couple of revisions away from a final version of the universal cone mount. This will allow you to use V60 and Wave style cones without any fuss. Here are a couple of renders with a platform style Hario V60:


A couple of things to note:

  • I'm using rubber bands to keep it closed while testing. Final version will probably have a hinge with a fit press closure.

  • This render uses a v60 with a platform/base but it works for cones without them as well. You'll notice the base doesn't allow the cone to slide into the opening and requires additional height clearance. Mugsy's water spout is adjustable so it will still work, but it can get a bit cramped. A much better option is to use one of the Wave or V60 cones that come without the base. Here is an example:

511yRxYHczL._SL1000_ (1).jpg

The Kalita wave shown above slides into the mount so there is much more room to work with. I know that a lot of folks already have the platform style so I wanted to make sure the universal mount was compatible, even if it's not a perfect integration.

Here is a quick render with the platform-less Wave style cone:

final_0_frame_0_0 (31).jpg
  • I think we can shave another 5-10mm off the height in the next revision.

  • I have a print running now and will be testing this design tomorrow. If all goes well, I will work on the closing mechanism and release. I will also release a one piece design for folks who know they will not be using the platform style cones.

Thinkings on Linkings

While working on some walkthroughs and documentation I got stuck in the mud with the RFID interfacing options. Linking a new RFID tag was a really fragile process with too many moving parts.This was a result of the disconnected nature of some of Mugsy's utility interfaces and access control.

I have rewritten the access control system and the RFID listener code. I also created a new Machine Access settings interface to simplify access control and revocation:

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 2.20.22 AM.png

Just realized I should change that Export button to Import/Export!

  • I need to check the license on the RFID library example I built the Arduino code off of before pushing it live. It's only about 10 lines of code so will be no biggie to recode the base if necessary.

Other Bits

  • Shipping is ramping up! Some regions are having slower movement times but everyone should be seeing status updates in the Deep Dive listings at this point. Not seeing updates? Shoot me an email at matt@heymugsy and I will get you sorted.

  • I've had to redo some of Cloud Control's "Key Detective" code. Key Detective is the system that tracks and controls API access for custom integrations. It was super easy to ban an API key for a user if there was a security issue. The problem came up if I wanted to ban an entire integration with multiple unrelated users. I don't expect the banning of integrations to be a common problem but the need for a robust system to manage the use case is a no brainer. My plan is to finish this on Sunday and reopen Cloud Control then.

  • Build Manual! Still priority #2 but I haven't had much time to touch it this week. I am hoping to finish this on Sunday/Monday. This is also related to our video walk throughs which are being worked on simultaneously. I have some more video to shoot but the bulk of the remaining work is going to be editing. Plan is to finish video by Monday/Tuesday and edit/release on Wednesday.

Ok, thats all for tonight!