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Lets get to it!

Packing Kits

I had a couple of additional issues to fix with our packaging methods but all is now resolved. I ended up having to order a set of new boxes which will be here on Wednesday. 

I started doing inventory for the 25 kits today. This morning I banged out extrusions. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be handling the rest of the parts. Thursday will be packing and Friday will be shipping. 

I still have A LOT of software to push live over the next couple of days. I'll be laying low and grinding on that in between packaging tasks. I also need to compile the assembly manual for a small batch V1 print run on Thursday.  There is a bunch of stuff to check off on these items, but it will not impact the 25 kits going out. Just be ready to do a software update on your first power up! 

Extrusions, all dressed up and somewhere to go.

Extrusions, all dressed up and somewhere to go.

Holiday Coding

Yesterday on the community forum, user @juskuh put in a feature request for a kitchen timer function. It was perfect for a nice and easy low stress holiday coding session so I jumped right on it.

I'm using the FlipClock.js library and it turned out really nice. I still need to add a function for spawning multiple timers but I'm gonna save that for sometime in the future. 

Cloud Control Developer Interface

I'm still working on finishing up the developer interface for the dashboard. Here is a sneak peak at the API logging with and without drill down search activated. There will be a light/dark color switch for those that prefer light colors.  I haven't touched this since Friday, should have some time for the last bits tomorrow evening.



Drill down!

Drill down!

OK, thats all for tonight. Next update will be on Thursday or Friday. Keep an eye on the forum for short form updates.