Shipping Update

Hey Folks, it looks like we will be shipping a few more kits tomorrow. We will not be hitting the full 25. I want to keep quantities low to test a couple of adjustments made to resolve some issues that came up with the test shipments.


  • Shipping in one large box instead of two smaller boxes. This caused more problems than the cost savings were worth.

  • One of the 5v power supplies was delivered with a pretty significant dent in the enclosure . It probably will not impact functionality but it is not an acceptable outcome.

Plan is to push out 5 kits, US based backers only. I'm going with domestic only because I want a quick turnaround on feedback.

I'll be sending out tracking numbers and confirmation emails to those backers tomorrow.

Next week we will start digging into shipping the completed units as well. We are still a couple of weeks away from having them ready to go out(minus early tests) but we are close enough to start discussing the details.

Cloud Control API

I have pushed a bunch of the Cloud Control endpoints to the main Github. I still need to add key gen and logging to the CC user dashboard. I was hoping to have this done but the day got away from me a bit. I'll be completing this tomorrow and releasing a tutorial on how to use this to create your own custom integrations. The tutorial will go out tomo so keep an eye out.


Ok, thats all for now. I'll have some short form updates on Saturday with the next significant update coming out on Tuesday. I hope all of you stay safe and enjoy the holiday this weekend!