Packing Slips

Hey Folks, I am just getting to packing up the actual boxes for the next shipment. Plan was to start on this yesterday but I just couldn't get to it. These kits will not make today's last pickup so are going out tomorrow.

I have also created a little script to help with the shipping process. One of the problems that popped up with the test shipments was that a North American region motor ended up in the UK. The new script parses the Backer Reports, website add ons, and region data and spits out a nice and handy personalized packing slip from a thermal printer. A seemingly obvious thing to have, but one you don't think of until you actually start packing a lot of boxes.

More better.

More better.

Platform Agnostic Voice Recognition

@johndezember started training a voice recognition model for folks who would prefer to use something other than the Google/Amazon/Apple owned options. To train the model and have it work with any voice, we need 494 more samples. It takes just a couple of seconds to add a new "Hey Mugsy" sample. This is a great way to help out, minimal work for a major impact!

Just say “Hey Mugsy”.

Just say “Hey Mugsy”.

You can add your sample here:

Ok, thats all for now! Next update will be on Sunday.



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