Quick To Do List Update

Hey Folks! Things are moving along nicely here at the shop. We have completed 8 out of the 20 of the list items with an additional 3 currently in progress. 

As mentioned in previous updates, you can follow along with the todo items here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wocQpBwJZlACOzrrmUOLA-5UW7QBrj65mzDaL6Gap1g/edit?usp=sharing

Backer Meet Up

The backer meet up will be this Sunday at 1 PM EST. I will be reaching out to local backers to confirm their attendance over email. 

Non local backers will get links to view vids and any live streams in the next update.

OK, thats it for tonight. Next update will be Thursday or Friday. Hope all of you have a great rest of the week!