International + Community

Hey Folks, I have a couple of cool things to share tonight. Let's get right to it.

Community Set Up

Mugsy's community set up is just about complete.  I still need to connect it to the backend and Decaf API. There are also a few minor usability tweaks to complete as well(weighted scroll, font changes). Here are some pics and a quick scroll through video:





Bags of coffee!

Bags of coffee!

I probably have another hour or so on this. I expect to finish and sign off on it at some point tomorrow. I will be doing a more in depth demo once I have connected the backend.

Coffee, the International Language of Love

Thanks to our beautiful dev and community members, you can now set up Mugsy to use several different languages! The currently available languages are:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Norwegian



How amazing is that? I have to admit that I got some serious warm and fuzzies watching the spreadsheet update in real time. And you guys were FAST! The above translations were completed in under an hour! 

We still need translations for Italian and Spanish so feel free to jump in if you have a second or two. Even translating one phrase goes a long way. 

You can find the spreadsheet here:

If you speak a language thats not already in the sheet, feel free to add it.

OK, thats all for tonight. I will be sending out an update tomorrow to go over the todo list and Sunday's meetup. I will also be sharing some deeper demos of the community system and some other completed work.