Coffee Scale Calibrations

Hey folks, just a quick one tonight!

Grind by Weight

This evening I've been working on calibrating Mugsy's weight sensors so I can hook up the  "Grind By Weight" Decaf end point. There is still a little variance to iron out but I'm really stoked with how well it works. 

Super fancy.

Super fancy.

This is one of Mugsy's killer features and one I get a ton of questions about. Here is a quick little video to explain how the process actually works: 


I'm still confirming some details but it looks like the Meetup will be next Sunday at 12 PM EST. I'll have full confirmation in Tuesday's update.

Next 48

Over the next 48 hours I'll be working on the remaining Decaf end points and the recipe sharing set up. I have completed the image optimizations and machine ID allocation system tasks from the To Do list spread sheet. 

OK, thats all for now, next update will go out on Tuesday night. Hope all is well out there!