Meet up Live Stream and Todo List Breakdown

Hey Folks, hope all is well out there! Lets get to it.

Meet up Live Stream

I spoke with a bunch of local backers and some members of our community forum about doing a live stream during the meetup. This way we can can get a more robust Question and Answer session going. It's looking like only one backer can hook up this weekend so we will probably save it for next weekend when there is a much larger crew of folks who are able to be onsite. I'm hoping to have an exact time for this session in the next update.The video will also be posted to our Youtube channel for those who can't make the live stream.

ToDo List Items Breakdown

One of our backers reached out to request a more detailed breakdown on what work remains. It's easy to forget that things that are obvious to me are not necessarily obvious to all of you without my insider's perspective. I'm always happy to adjust my process if needed and I hope this info helps clarify what's left for those of you who felt the same. 

I created a spreadsheet that breaks down the remaining work by section, task and time required. Here is an image of the breakdown:



You can access the actual spreadsheet here:

I will be adding a status column for completions and updating this list in realtime. Feel free to check on it anytime.

The basic gist of the above is that we have moved on from hardware work to the final software updates and bug fixes.  I think this is a really firm list but there is always a possibility that something may get added to it.

On a typical day I can dedicate anywhere from 6-12 hours on Mugsy work. Some days may be less if I need to handle some freelance work. Mugsy is pretty much my full time gig but I do work on freelance projects several days a month to help keep the lights on and the rent payed. 

The "Time Required" per task is not an exact value. Some things will go  faster and some will end up taking an extra hour or two. I plan on grinding through a bunch of these tomorrow and Friday. After that I expect another 3-5 days max to complete any remaining items. 

On Monday I will start adding in a couple of hours a day for shipping prep, admin and scheduling. I do not think we will ship anything until the following Monday/Tuesday. There's always a chance all of this will go super fast and we can get a unit or two out by Friday but I'm not working with that as the priority. Steady and efficient is the plan while we check off these items.

Grab Bag

Here are a couple of random items from the last 48 hours of work

A simple question can uncover a lot, and this one empowers Mugsy to learn how to make the best cup of coffee just for you:



I've also been able to add microSD extension cables for Mugsy kits. This will simplify swapping out disk images for those of you planning on hacking your Mugsy:

microSD killers are people too…

microSD killers are people too…

OK, thats all for tonight. I'm going to consider this update as the "Universe V3" post since it has all of the workload and scheduling info. Instead of sending an update tomorrow, the next one will be on Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks and have a great night!


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