Servo Easing, V60 Demo and Shipping Update

Hey Folks, I missed our scheduled Fed Ex pickup by a couple of hours today while I continued working on the servo easing library. I have another scheduled pick up tomorrow at 2 pm. I think I have a 50/50 chance of making it. If I don't hit it, next pick up will be on Monday.

Servo Easing + V60 Demo

Some of this info may be a bit of a repeat for the people who follow along on the social channels.

I spent most of the last 72 hours working a bit more on the servo code. The first half was more verification work to make sure that none of the servo code was blocking the pump or cone stepper controls now that it is back on the Arduino.  Everything worked extremely well! The only additional work to do was re-integrating the servo easing library. Servo easing is the process of smoothing out a servo's movements. Without easing, these movements can be quite jerky. For things like water flow or other organic movements,  that is no good. 

I finished integrating the easing this evening and it is working perfectly. There are several movement types in the library and I want to test all of them to see if they make sense for our use case. I am currently running the linear type, but want to add an endpoint for any of the others that work out. 

In the following demo, the last 10 seconds or so shows a comparison with the non-easing version from yesterday's demo. For those who missed yesterday's video with the Kalita Wave, I will link to it at the end of this update.  

The demos are running on my test rig, which I use while working on Mugsy's hardware control code. It allows me to see whats going on much better than a fully enclosed unit. Clips are split between a V60 and the standard Mugsy cone.

A couple of things to note: 

  • Not worrying about flow rate or pattern on these, only movement quality and that all three mechanisms(cone stepper, water sweep servo and water pumps) are running simultaneously without issue 

  • All commands are going out in real time over serial using the format discussed in an earlier update: (CW,800,60.00 for the cone and Bloom,4.1,3,2 for the pumps)

  • The Wave and V60 will require some sort of stabilizer ring for a better fit. I have a couple of ideas I'm working through. I think something as simple as an additional silicone ring will probably work. More info to come on that soon

  • Iā€™m using some pre-ground Dunkin Donuts coffee since I'm not actually drinking it 

  • The test rig uses an electric kettle and not Mugsy's boiler

I am going to finish up the other easing end points tomorrow morning and shoot for the 2 PM shipment. After that I am going to take a couple of days off. The next update will be on Sunday evening. If I hit tomorrow's deadline, I will definitely let everyone know. Loudly.

Here is the link for yesterday's Wave Demo with the non-easing servo movements: