Shipping Update and OAuth 2.0

Hey Folks just a quick update on shipping. It looks my next best opportunity to ship will be on Wednesday or Thursday of this upcoming week. We are still holding to the small batch of kits first, with the first assembled units going out up to a week after that.

I'll be working on some housekeeping code and clean up stuff over the next 48 hours. The next update will go out on Monday or Tuesday.

You may receive an email before then about resetting your password for Cloud Control. I am going to convert the system to use an OAuth 2.0 service provider for all logins. The existing system is secure but without more dev resources it will be difficult to make it the continual priority that it needs to be. Things change fast when it comes to info security and logins are the first step to protecting these systems. So I'm going to let the experts handle the logins so we can concentrate on the silly stuff.

I think I might have the most security conscious backers on Kickstarter. I received a lot of requests for more info about the system and it was really great to see! And the reality is that I know better than to roll my own security infrastructure. I just needed a day or two to remember!

OK, thats it for now. Next update will be out by Tuesday.



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