Alexa, Coffee Now!

Hey folks, hope all is well. I have a tasty demo for everyone tonight!

Alexa, Coffee Now

Here is some unedited(minus the soundtrack) footage of Mugsy brewing coffee using a Kalita Wave and carafe. Totally hands free, powered by Alexa and with no cuts.

Only one pump was running which is why the coffee takes a bit of time to show up and does not completely fill up the carafe. Not sure on the cause just yet, possibly a blown L298N. I will dig into that tomorrow. The first video is about four and a half minutes long and not too exciting, but I thought it was important to show Mugsy brewing with zero interaction from myself. The second video is sped up so you can get to the point quickly.

And here is the sped up version:

A couple of things to note:

  • The brew recipe steps and progress bar are now correctly synced with the hardware and update in real time.

  • Mugsy can send info back to Alexa which is how Alexa knows we are brewing with Nautilus Roasting coffee.

  • I need to tighten up the timing a bit when starting the brew process after invoking Alexa. Once Mugsy receives the request, an alert is spawned with "Cloud Command Received" and the Alexa logo. It starts the grind cycle immediately.  The logo changes depending on what integration you are using. 

  • Alexa is very yappy in this demo but doesn't have to be. There is config option so it only responds "ok". I think most folks will be using it that way.

  • It's really hard for me to get the screen and everything else to show up well lit in a video. I have zero video skills and am using the Note 8's camera. I am working on getting some folks in here to get  better results and will keep you posted.

  • I will have some internal camera footage uploaded too. 

  • Water was at temp to save time.

So things are coming along very nicely and I am extremely happy with where we are  today. I need to sort out whatever caused the single pump to fail and will have that solved for everyone tomorrow. This is probably a failure(short or blown chip) and not design related.

I am going to hold off on setting a shipping date until tomorrows update. 

There are a couple of you who I owe email replies to.  I haven't forgotten about you! Just been grinding  the last 36 hours so non-support related emails have been neglected. Anyone still waiting will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks!

Ok, that all from me. I'm gonna go sleep for 12 hours.