Servo Issue Resolved

Hey folks, servo issue is now resolved. The jitter was a software problem and started when I changed the servo control set up from the Arduino to the Pi. Although a Pi can easily drive servos, I was using a method that I do not have a ton of real world experience with. Going back to the Arduino has resolved the problem. I did have to adjust the code a bit to integrate it with the pour over cone stepper and water pump control .ino and keep it all non blocking.



I am back on kit fulfillment as well as assembling completed units. I spent some time installing Big Red's water reservoir and boiler after getting the servo code completed. I'm taking it a bit slow with a serious focus on finding additional testing requirements I may have missed, ignored or cut short.

I am going to continue on this path for the next 48 hours and will have the next shipping update on Friday.

Thanks again and as always, please reach out here or directly to me at with any questions or concerns.

Thanks and have a great night!