No, not the over-caffeinated kind. The servo kind. I have noticed some jitter on our water sweep servos. It only occurs at certain speeds and certain angles. There are three possible causes for the issue:

  • Code

  • Wiring/Power

  • Defective Servo

It's unlikely that wiring/power is the cause so I am starting with code and the servos themselves. I have pulled a servo from each of our 100x lots to test for any hardware issues.

Line up.

Line up.

I'm throwing together a quick and dirty test script which will push each servo through all speeds/angles with and without load. Should have results on this in a couple of hours.

I will have this resolved quickly and everyone updated tonight or tomorrow depending on timing. Apologies for this additional delay. I know everyone is very excited and ready to start getting their Mugsy's up and running, so please know that I take these blockers and your time very seriously. Stay tuned and thanks again!