Naps and Power Tests

Hey Folks, a couple of safety tests to share today.

I took this weekend off and after numerous naps I caught up on some of the maker related news and videos I've been ignoring for the past couple of months. One of the biggest recent stories was with the super popular Ender 3 3D printer's power connectors melting after normal usage. You can see some info about it in this video from Maker Muse:

Now this printer is very popular, but there are also a TON of clones out there each with their own parts and design standards. The issue is not specific to any one manufacturer.

And of course this news scared the hell out of me. Mugsy has been designed and built with industry standard parts but knowing that wasn't quite enough to settle my nerves. I've started a fresh round of power system testing along with integrating some new testing equipment.



I have also contracted with a local electrical engineering firm here in NYC to have someone stop by my place and go over Mugsy's power systems. I do not expect any issues to be found or any design changes to be needed. This is mostly for some additional piece of mind. We are still sorting the appointment. We are probably hooking up tomorrow but it might not happen until Wednesday.

Once I have the results in hand I will post them and we will jump back on our shipping plans. Next update will be tomorrow or Wednesday depending on when the EE gets here.

Thanks all, please reach out with any questions or concerns here or email me at