State of the Universe

Hey folks, hope all is well! Gonna jump right in.

Power Testing

Testing went well and we got an all clear for our set up. There are a couple of best practice adjustments we want to make(break away connections on the grinder motor, power supply positioning for increased air flow, etc ). I have not yet compiled our power usage metrics into a shareable format. Once I have I will post the spreadsheet here and on the Github.

Where Are We?

There are a few things I am not yet satisfied with. These include:

  • Assembly manual

  • Interface flow between functions, settings, etc

  • Mugsy software update process

  • Somewhat awkward post brew cone removal

  • Menu to add/manage RFID tags

  • Grind size auto adjustment

  • Assorted fit and finish tweaks

There are a few other bits but these are the primary areas I want to work on. I've definitely been feeling pretty stressed the last few weeks, trying to stuff everything into 48 hour sprints and hoping it will be just enough to hit that shipping milestone.

I need to pull back a bit and focus on a completion plan that's more substantial. I also need to add in some buffer days so I'm not focusing on a ticking clock. So right now I am pushing our next possible shipping date to 2-3 weeks from now. Here is what that is going to look like:

  • Updates will go out every 3-4 days unless otherwise noted.

  • This Saturday or Sunday I will be posting an update with details on the above areas of focus, expected work load for each item and an explanation on each items current state and how I expect to improve it.

  • In two weeks we will do another "state of the universe" and go over the next weeks workload and our ability to ship.

How Can You Help?

Are you in the NYC metro area (5 boroughs,NJ,CT,LI)? I would like to get a small group of testers together 2-3 weeks from now to go over assembly, functionality, and anything else that comes up. You would be able to take your kit or assembled unit home with you(barring any significant issues) with the understanding that you would share any issues you find with me and help me test any resolutions to those issues.

The meetup would be in Astoria. It will be recorded so you should be ok with showing up in Mugsy related pics or videos.

Email me at with the subject "Mugsy NYC Session" if you would like to get involved. Spots will be limited to 5-7 people.

I have received offers of help from some generous local folks already and I will be reaching out to them by email over the next 48 hours or so. I've still been super flakey with non-support emails so apologies to anyone I have not gotten back to yet.

Not local? No worries, just keep being your beautiful selves!

Ok, thats all for now. As always I appreciate your support and continued patience. Please reach out here in the comments, by email or by support ticket with any questions, concerns or ideas.



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