Hey Folks, hope all is well out there! I want to go over what I've been working on today as well as what the next couple of days look like. 

Panel Access

One of the blockers mentioned in the last update was simplifying cone removal for easier post brew cleanup. The cone was accessed from the top side, which prevented seeing what you were actually grabbing if you didn't pull the machine out a bit. 

Today I designed one half of a magnetic panel mount(machine side) to make side panel removal super easy. I am currently printing the proto for a fit test so do not yet have a demo to show. 

Here is a render and the cad design process(sped up):

I need to design the second mount(panel side) which will be very quick. I should be able to sign off on this tomorrow mid day. I will post a demo to the FB and Youtube channels at some point tomorrow.


After the magnetic mounts are done I will be moving over to the software update code. I want to get this section humming right away so we can use it to install the rest of the software I'll be working on. This will allow us to knock out the testing while working on other blockers. Eating our own dog food as they say.

Mugsy Backer Meetup

Thanks to everyone who reached out! I will be contacting each of you by email tomorrow.

Next Update

Next update will be on Wednesday. Stay tuned to the social channels for smaller updates as they happen.

OK, thats it for now. Thanks and please reach out if you need anything at all!