Hey folks, hope everyone had a great first day of spring today. The NYC winter was a total bust snow wise and I have finally accepted that I will get no blizzard wanders or white out seltzer hunts. Oh well. Italian Ices are back and that's pretty good too.

Mag Connector

I have uploaded the mag connectors to the main github. Here are direct links:






They use standard 12x3mm neodymium magnets available in all the usual spots. It's a little more complex than I wanted so there is a good chance it will get another revision after some sleep.

Auto Update

After digging in a lot over the last 48, I'll be testing two auto update systems/philosophies over the next several days.

One is using existing Docker management type tools. Things like Kubernetes, Swarm and similar but simplified alternatives. The other option is using something like http://www.pyupdater.org, which I already really love, just not sure if it is going to be totally compatible with our use case.

I'll have some more concrete info on which way I'm leaning after using the different setups for the next couple of software updates.

Next Couple of Days

Tomorrow I will be digging into the RFID management/frontend code. I think this is going to be pretty straightforward so I'm hoping to tie it all up in one day.

After that I will be moving on to the interface flow between menus/functions.

Next update will be on Friday or Saturday.

OK, thats all for now. Hope all is well out there!