Condition Oakland

Hey folks, just a quick update for tonight.

RFID Scanner and Menus

I have completed the menu interface to add and edit RFID tags. I also made some adjustments to the Arduino side scanning code to resolve an issue where certain card types were not scanning correctly.

Here is a quick video of the serial output for the 3 most common RFID types:

Yes, I see that spelling error in the serial response!

Although the menu is done, I have not integrated it into the actual front end code base yet. That will be done tomorrow.

I spent most of today organizing the rest of Mugsy's interface code, removing a bunch of unused legacy pages and demo code. I have another 2-3 shifts of work to do writing actual markup, JS and some additional layout work to do in Photoshop.

Once the RFID menu is integrated, I'm going to move away from interface work to the grind size automation code. I will pick up the interface again on Monday or Tuesday.

I also found some bar type neodymium magnets that make more sense for the panel mounts than the ones I've been using. I will be testing them out over the next 48 hours.

OK, thats it for tonight. Tomorrow will be a half day for me as I'm going to see Jawbreaker play at Brooklyn Steel. Hopefully I can stick to my jaded old and stoic punker face and not get all weepy like I did when I saw them last year...Most of you probably have no idea who the hell Jawbreaker is, but those who do know I'm totally gonna get weepy again.

OK, thats all for now! Next update will be on Monday or Tuesday. We will be doing the next State of the Universe update on Thursday.

Have a great rest of your weekend!