Hey Folks, hope all is tonight! Gonna jump right in.

Auto Update System

I've been utilizing the update tools mentioned 2 or 3 updates ago while installing my recent interface updates. So far everything has been working well. I have been installing everything from a repo on the cloud control server. Next step is to have it start pulling the update from Github.

To facilitate that I'll be submitting a bunch of updated and additional code to the Decaf repo over the next 48-72 hours. I would love to have some of our contributors and community members help test it out so I'll be making a post about it on the forum on Thursday/Friday

Bar Type Mag Connectors

Here is a low res print of the bar type mag mount:



I really like the form factor and this shape makes a much more stable connection. I messed up the mounting screw clearance though, so will be fixing and reprinting that tonight or tomorrow.

Next 48 Hours

  • I'm gonna finish up the grinder settings automation and then will be jumping back on interface code.

  • Will be sending out date options for the NYC backer meetup to the folks I have already connected with. Location is confirmed for Soundworks in Astoria.

Thursday's Update

Thursday's update will be the next "State of the Universe" post. I'll be going over the shipping outlook, sharing demos and examples from the last week and scheduling out any remaining work.

Thats all for tonight. Thanks and I'll see you all soon!