Boxing Day

Hey Folks! 

I am about 12 hours behind of where I thought I would be at this point so it does not look like I can get any units out tomorrow. 

A small bummer, but we have moved on to the next phase of shipping so we are in a very good place.  Plan is to ship the units on Tuesday.  I will be shipping three assembled units and four kits.  There will be more info on this in Sunday's update. I will also be reaching out to the backers who will be receiving these units sometime before Tuesday so you know it's coming. After that we will do another order # to shipping schedule so everyone will know when to expect their shipment. 

OK, heres some tiny tidbits from the last 48 hours:




More progress on our shipment prep! Seeing these boxes take shape really lifted the spirits and lowered my stress levels today. These are kit boxes that go into a slightly larger kit box. Amazing tech, I know. 




I worked out the layout script for our parts placement. I did have to adjust constraints though. If you look at the above pic, the wall between the red motor controller and the blue relay board is way too thin. There needs to be enough material in between cut lines to absorb the heat without causing any deformations. 

This has been fixed but I did not get back to cutting today. Tomorrow will be an all day laser party so I will share some kit picks then.

I have not yet gotten back to re-assembling the 001,002 or 003 since adjusting the main internal beam placement. This will be completed on Saturday. 000 will be re-assembled on Sunday with clear panels for the forum folks. 

I will also be putting a submission deadline on the panel color selection form for sometime next week. I will have the date for that on Sunday.

Ok, gonna leave it there and go crash for the night. Thank you so much for your continued patience and support while getting Mugsy to the finish line! 

Next update is on Sunday.