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Hey Folks! Just a couple of things to hit tonight.

I've been running through reassembly, hopper mount improvements and some small parts packaging . I still haven't gotten to the clear panels but they are cut and drilled and ready to go on #000 tomorrow.

It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

Moving the internal support beam a few days ago caused some small issues with the bean hopper mounts. I spent a few hours working them out today and the issue is now resolved.

bags schmags.

bags schmags.

I also started lasering tags for our small parts baggies. Filling these bags is pretty tedious. I'm using a scale and it helps but it's still quite an annoying process. I'm half thinking I should hack together a quick and dirty Arduino screw counter...

Here is a video of todays bits. Our grinder grinding and our laser lasering:

Note: Cone normally spins while grinding for an even disbursement, stepper power was turned off while working on mounts.

You'll notice I have the pumps, reservoir and boiler pulled in the above pics and video. I will have that piece of reassembly done tomorrow by mid-day. I will then finish up a "this is how you fill it with water and beans" demo video.

Are we still on track?

Yes! We are still on track to get a few machines out on Tuesday. There are no new blockers.

OK, I'm gonna leave it there for tonight. There are still a few things from the last update to hit and I'm grinding super hard to get to them all. Next update will be tomorrow or Tuesday. Stay tuned to the social media accounts because I will continue to push out vids and pics until I get to the update.



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