Blown Fuse

Hey Folks! while running through some tests this morning I blew the main fuse that is housed within the main power socket.



There are two takeaways:

  • I need to find the cause and resolve it. I believe it was an incidental short and do not expect that it is design related.

  • The fuse did it's job and kept Mugsy safe and sound. Much more important is that it also kept the end users(me and all of you) safe. It's a real world example that shows that even when something goes wrong, Mugsy will fail in a safe and controlled manner.

I will need to find the cause before shipping any units so that means no go on shipping today. Unfortunate, but I'm glad it happened on the bench instead of out there in the real world.

I expect a quick turnaround on this. Next opportunity to ship will be Thursday/Friday. The cause and resolution will be shared in my next update which will be either tonight or tomorrow evening.

Thanks and I look forward to sharing my findings ASAP.