Foam Party

Hey Folks, hope all is well out there! Let's get to it...


I have started running through the kit fulfillment process. It took me a few hours to dial in the laser for cutting our foam inserts. I only started two(small) fires while getting it sorted. I was quite surprised at what was required to get it cutting nicely...acrylic and bamboo are much more forgiving.



I need to run all the parts through a layout script to minimize waste.  I was doing the layout freehand while dialing it in as you can see in the above pic. 

Once parts are prepped and bucketed, it looks like I will be able to assemble a kit box in under 10 minutes. I will have the first 100% complete kits on Thursday. It is looking very likely that we will be able to get a few of them shipped out on Friday.

The Littlest Bits

Now that I'm getting close to the end of this run, the biggest surprise is the seemingly endless amount of little one off tasks that I had either put off or not realized were required.  A lot of this is fit and finish work. It has impacted my ability to be as active as I would like to be on the forum, the github and creating/editing and sharing more video and social media content.  This slog is turning the corner though and after the next 48 hours I will have a lot more breathing room to get back to concentrating on the community aspects of Mugsy.

One of those tasks today was figuring out a smooth process for drilling out our boiler lids for tubing and the dual temp sensors:

Grommets = Professional

Grommets = Professional

I'll be grinding through a bunch more of these types of tasks tomorrow and Thursday.  The next update will be on Thursday night, late-ish.  My plan is to have kits boxed and ready to share with everyone. I will also have a few of our assembled units to show off but they may not be boxed at that point. Most of our assembled units are now back in pieces while I tweak and poke all the bits.

Liberty Science Center

I also wanted to share that Mugsy and crew will be exhibiting at the Liberty Science Center: After Dark event in April. The event is 21+, with a bar, dancing, crazy IMAX and planetarium's going to be a serious blast. If you're in the NY metro area and have ever wanted to run around a museum at night while drinking whiskey with Mugsy, now is your chance!



Ok, that's it for now. Next update is Thursday and I'm hoping to be able to green light our first shipment in that update. Thank you so much for your time and I hope all is well with you and yours!