Hey folks, hope all is well! Lets get right to it.

For the two issues mentioned in the previous update:

  • Motor Controller Code: Done!

  • Beam Adjustment: Done!

I spent most of today tying any remaining interface elements to their back end process counter parts. In the following demo, the Brew Progress bar is linked to the timings and steps of the current recipe(using fake 10 second recipe while testing). The active element should also be cycling with the brew's progress but I have a small bug to fix there. Easy peasy!

Only remaining thing for this screen after that tiny bug is adding in the flow rates, temp display and an emergency stop button.

I have another 24-48 hours of brew testing to do and a ton of footage to get through for some proper full cycle demos.

Next Steps:

  • We are really close right now, just tying up loose ends!

  • On Monday I start laser cutting foam inserts for our shipping boxes

  • I will have kit shipment boxes getting packed and assembly timings by Tuesday

  • Testing will be wrapping up on Tuesday/Wednesday

  • I feel good about getting some units out by Thursday/Friday

  • I'm not working tomorrow, all my attention will be focused on sending bad juju to the Patriots. And the Rams. But I'll be sending way more to the Pats. You know why.

  • Next update will be on Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned to the IG and forum for news before then.

Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your weekend!



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