Brew Testing In Progress

Hey folks, here's a quick one tonight!

Brew testing is in progress. I found two small issues today. They are:

  • Need to adjust the position of the internal extrusion that holds the pour over mechanism.It's a bit too far forward which causes some accuracy issues with the grinder.

  • Now that I am using the second motor controller for the pumps, I need to adjust the stepper code to be non-blocking.

Ill have the code done tomorrow morning. Will have the adjusted internal extrusion position confirmed by the afternoon.

Brew testing will continue at that point. Today was mostly making sure all systems were firing at the correct times and without conflict across all brew cycle steps. Aside from the stepper blocking there were no other issues.

I've been working with a single recipe while testing. At these settings the grinder is outputting about 1.1 grams of coffee per second. That will vary with different grind settings but should be enough to give you a good idea of grind times for different recipes.

I also added the 270mm extensions to Mugsy Red to test with some multi serving setups. I've been really digging the Kalita Wave lately so that was where my mind went first:



I also added cone settings for the Wave and the Hario V60:



Both of these cone types fit in the pour over mech without issue but require an adjustment to the height of the water sweep arm. I'll have some more info on that process soon-ish.

I also added a knob color selection field to the Panel Selection form. You can thank David and Caleb for reminding me to do that. Thanks guys!

OK, I'm done for the night. Next update will be tomorrow or Saturday depending on timing. Hopefully I remember to grab some decaf before getting back to testing. If not, I might just set a new land speed record...

Thanks all, have a great night!