Current Status

Hey folks, I want to go over where we are currently at and list the remaining work to be completed before shipments can start going out.

To Do

  • Wiring: I have another 5-6 hours of wiring to complete. 75% of this is finishing harnesses for the stepper motors, stepper drivers and stepper power routing. The remaining 25% is interconnects between different systems.

  • Interface: There is probably another 15-20 hours of interface work for me to do. Most of this is displaying sensor data or admin type stuff like recipe creation and management, user management, etc. Basically front end access to all the necessary CRUD type DB functionality. Several sections are also missing Start/Stop buttons as I typically used terminal access to control scripts while in dev.

  • Mugsy Disk Image: 2-4 hours on cleaning up the disk image for easy install and distribution

  • Unique IDs: 4 hours to complete the Mugsy cloud connect ID and DB software. This is what makes sure your text message is going to the correct Mugsy.

So that's a rough estimate of 26-34 hours. Realistically, I can put in 10-12 hours of quality work a day. That put's us right around Friday evening to Saturday mid-day to have all of the above completed.

I'll then run through testing over Saturday and Sunday. If all goes well, Monday will be prepping, boxing, printing, taping, crying, etc. We would then plan to ship units 001-005 on that Tuesday or Wednesday.

Theres a chance everything will be plus or minus a few hours but I think it's a good estimate.

Update Plan

  • My next update will be on Friday night or Saturday mid-day. This will go over the status of each of the above items. At this point I will actually be able to run some brew demos since wiring will be completed. I will be sharing pics/vids on Twitter and Instagram if you want to keep an eye on what's going on during that period. The Kickstarter updates take a pretty big chunk of attention so this is the best option for me to stay focused on the priorities.

  • After that, I will send out an update on how the weekend testing went. That will go out either on Sunday night or Monday mid-day.

  • Finally, there will be a Monday update to confirm that we are indeed ready to start packing up.

OK, thats all for now. I don't want to leave you without showing some cool functionality so here is a demo of the mug checking system:

You might have to zoom in a bit to see the status updating. Hard to get the action and the text all in frame...This runs off of a proximity sensor so it works even if your Mug doesn't have an RFID sticker on it.

OK, thats it for tonight. Thanks again and talk soon!