Mugsy Interface Now Using Decaf API

Hey Folks,  I'm finishing up the second Mugsy shift of the day and want to show you a quick interface demo before closing up shop for the night. 

Mugsy's interface is now using the Decaf API for several functions. It falls back to the previous helper scripts if there is not yet a Decaf endpoint for the required function.

I had a couple of backers ask if you can use Mugsy's grinder and boiler without doing an actual brew cycle. Here is a quick demo of how to control the grinder on it's own. You may also notice the heater section below it. It now has a slider to input temperature.

I am using the drop down to enter 5 seconds for the grinder time. There will also be a slider for grind size(working on that now). Keep your sound on so you can hear the grinder kick on! 

A couple of caveats with this demo: The latest version of Raspbian Stretch for the 3b+ has some differences in the X windows system config. The "no cursor" flag isn't working as expected but I will have that resolved very quickly.  The lagging image rendering is due to having the caches off while I was working on this new settings panel. There is no lag when running in production mode.

I still have a ton more to share so will have another update tomorrow evening once I finish up these last bits. I will also go over shipping details in tomorrows update. But for now I must sleep. Thanks for standing by the last couple of days while I get though this grind, much appreciated! 

Edit: Almost forgot! I received lots of questions about the mix and match color form, I will have all of them answered by tomorrow!