No Snow :(

Hey Folks, hope all is well! My big beautiful snow storm has turned into a dreary little rain party. Bummer.


I have added the swatches to the color form page. You can find it here:



Grind Session Status

I'm just about 90% completed with the list from the last update. I have another 2 hours of wiring and another 2-3 hours of interface clean up.

The cloud machine ID system is now up and running as well as our custom splash/boot sequence: 

That is a placeholder vid and was sped up to fit within the IG story constraints. I will record a better one once wiring is complete and I have removed the non-essential services which are impacting boot times a bit.

Wiring will be completed tonight and I'll be able to start running through testing tomorrow. 


I have added the grinder spout STL to the main github. You can find them here:

It is in two parts: 

  • grinderSpoutV2.stl

  • grinderSpoutMountV2.stl

Present and Future.

Present and Future.

The lower right pic is an early peek at unifying and simplifying some of Mugsy's internal mounts. More to come on that in a later update...

OK, thats all for now. Next update is tomorrow night! Thanks again and have a great night!