Queen of Corona

Hey folks, hope all is well! Time to get back to our regular scheduled programming after few days of prep and handling the Maker Faire. It was an absolute blast and the best part was meeting a bunch of you guys! Mugsy backers are the best folks that I've been lucky enough to meet. To have so many great people support my work is such a surreal feeling. Quite happy that I have some new friends to visit for beers in Pittsburgh and a new punk rock show buddy here in NY!

Me and Mugsy Down by the Schoolyard

The Faire was at the NY Hall of Science which is on the grounds of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. After the first day was over, I walked over to the other side of the park where I met up with my girlfriend Stephanie and some friends to watch Paul Simon's last concert. Nothing quite like hearing those songs standing where it all began for him all those years ago. NYC living is a non stop grind, but it's the best living there is. Maybe...

I ❤️NY

I ❤️NY

 And on to the updates...

Where in the World is Mugsy's Extrusion?

Right here actually:



New Model Releases

You know I can't leave well enough alone, so I completely redesigned the controller plates right before the fair. I went with a much simpler design so now the plate can actually be laser cut instead of only 3d printed or injection molded. This will simplify assembly and our final parts procurement. One less injection mold is a huge deal. 

It's a boring model, so here is a boring render:

Im basic, yo!

Im basic, yo!

I have also uploaded the STL for the V3 version of the pour over mechanism. It is currently just the main section while I clean up the base and lid panel models. I will also have the actual editable CAD files available in a few days.

You can find both files on the cad section of the github herehttps://github.com/margyle/MugsyDev/tree/master/CAD

Bean Hopper and Boiler News

I should have my factory samples in the shop for my approval by Wednesday of this week. Not much more to report on until I get them in my hands. I know these are both really big pieces of Mugsy's day to day usability for you guys, so I will definitely have a lot more info on the designs for everyone soon. 

Maker Faire Wander

This Faire was also special for another reason. It was the first time I was able to hire an assistant to help out at the booth for a couple of hours each day. So this was the first Faire where I actually got a chance to walk around a bit. I was even able to use the bathroom. How crazy is that! I really have arrived...

In all seriousness, Mugsy get's a ton of attention at Maker Faire so I am talking non stop to thousands of people a day. I actually lost my voice by the end of it(the only way to shut me up). Having the help made a big difference. It was the first time since launching the Kickstarter that something related to Mugsy got easier instead of harder. It's the little things that can really reinforce the realization that we are on the right path.

So enough of all these feelings, here are couple of pics from my walk around the grounds:

OK, thats all for now. I'm still unpacking and organizing Mugsy's entire existence so next update will be on Wednesday.