Hey Folks, hope all is well. Going to just jump right into the updates.

Toll-free International Texting

A couple of you who do not live in the US have reached out wondering if there will be an accessible toll free number for your region. I have been working with Twilio over the last couple of days to resolve this. EU is currently in progress and should be good to go early next week. Other regions are soon to follow. 

And as for that US number...


Boom. Nice and easy to remember!  Once your machine is linked to your account, you will be able to text that number to control Mugsy. It's live right now but I reserve the right to not answer or text back snarky comments until we are actually shipping. And I pay for every text, so go easy on me!

Big thanks to my real life bud Chris at for helping get that sorted for me.

Custom PCB

I am about 90% complete with Mugsy's custom PCB. Plan is to have it out to fabrication for a limited testing run on Tuesday of next week. This PCB will handle all of the signal and power routing and replace the prototype's current wiring harnesses and random birds nests.

It will take the place of the bottom protoboard within Mugsy's controller setup:



Late Boiler and Hopper

I did not receive the sample boiler or hopper on Wednesday but it is stateside. I will send an update once they are in the shop. It's still within our buffer period so I'm not too concerned, but I am definitely keeping an eagle eye on it and will alert you to any changes. 

That's it for now. I am on the last stages of having the new PI images ready to release as well as API docs but probably another few days on that. Next update will be on Sunday or Monday.