Mugsy, I got your number!

Hey folks, hope you are all having a great day so far. Let's jump right into the updates.

Texting Testing

I have completed integrating Mugsy's text messaging service into the Mugsy runtime. There is also now a toll free number for all of you to use when you want to text your machine. I don't want to release it just yet because I need to verify some of my administration settings before opening it up to the public. I assure you it is super easy to remember...

Here is a realtime response so you can get an idea of how quickly Mugsy will respond to your SMS requests(please allow the gif to load):



For the nerdier folks among us, here is the Twilio API log for that requests response:



Material Deliveries

I received word that all of Mugsy's acrylic panels and bamboo ply should arrive next Wednesday. These panels are all in bulk sheets and will be laser cut at NYC's tiniest factory, our beloved Argyle Labs.

I have let the parts timeline spreadsheet fall behind a bit so will make sure to update that sometime next week.

Pour Over Progress

I have installed the final pour over cone mechanism into Mugsy and it fits great! I also resolved any lingering belt tension issues by adding an adjustable idler section. I still need to laser the top panel for the mechanism.

Here are a couple of quick shots of the mechanism in its new home:



Behind the lights…

Behind the lights…

You should also notice that new panel which now protects the touch screen and RGB lighting's electronics from moisture and dust. It still has to be sealed up in some sections but it's already a big improvement on the old "let it all hang out" design Mugsy spent most of his formative years with.

Here is a cool video of the new idler positioning just because I like it...

Ignore the wobbling main gear in the back, I do not have the stepper screwed into it's mount in this vid!

World Maker Faire in NYC

It's this weekend! That came up really fast! If any of you will be at the Faire, please stop by and say hi! Ill have a ton of stickers and pins and some super cool Mugsy demos.

Stickers are in.

Stickers are in.

I will also have someone working the booth for a bit each day so I can finally check out the Faire myself...If you are presenting or exhibiting at the Faire, let me know and I'll try my hardest to come say hey during my wander.

Grind On

With the Faire coming up this weekend and my software sprint still going strong I have a lot on my plate this week. I'm going to lay super low the next few days while I grind through as much work as possible. I'm going to try and have a big update on Friday but there's a 50/50 chance that I wont get something out until the weekend. 

If you need anything before then, please reach out here or by email:

OK, thats it for now. Good night!