Short and sweet.

Happy Saturday all, here are some very short updates. Bigger update going out tomorrow evening.

It's Alive!

I need to do another small revision on the pour over cone mechanism but I am really excited with where we are already. Check out this mornings test run:

Just need to fix some minor spacing issues as well as the belt tension adjustment section and we are done and done.

It's Moving!

Mugsy's aluminum extrusion is currently making it's way around the Korean peninsula. I spend way too much time watching this map update.



It's mutating!

I had to update the controller plates design as I made a pretty silly mistake. I only left enough room for one set of stand offs to be screwed in. You could only connect two plates as the third would have no room to screw into. I added some additional room in the corners to allow for both sets of standoffs. The prototype is currently printing and I will upload the latest model to the github once the results are confirmed.



Thats all for now, check back tomo for some additional updates.