Shipping Schedule

Hey folks, just a quick one today to go over the new shipping schedule. We are going to follow the same plan just based on the 1/15 shipping date.

Here is a rough breakdown linked with your backer number:

Jan 15 | 5 Units | Backers 1-5

Jan 18 | 10 Units | Backers 6-15

Jan 21 | 25 Units | Backers 16-40

Jan 25  | 25 Units | Backers 41-65

Jan 29 | 50 units | Backers 66-116

Feb 4  | 50 Units | Backers 117- 167

At this point we will be shipping 50 units two times a week:

Feb 8-11 | 100 Units | Backers 168-278

Feb 12-15 | 100 Units | Backers 279 - 337 and then on to the Website preorders

I'll be taking the next couple of days off for the holiday but will be back online on Wednesday. The next update will come out on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how much work I get done on Wednesday. 

Also, I received a ton of amazing emails from many of you after the last update. I am replying to all of them but am only about half way through the list! So keep an eye out if you reached out. 

OK, thats it for me! Me, Steph and June Bug are sending lot's of holiday love to you and yours. 

I hope your Christmas is just like the first half of Fairytale Of New York, and nothing like the second!

Oh, Shane. We love ya!

Oh, Shane. We love ya!



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