Adjusted First Shipping Date: 1/15

Hey Folks, hope all is well out there in backer land. 

I've been going over scheduling and I think the only realistic first shipment date is 1/15. This will mean the project is a bit over 6 weeks past original estimates. Half of that time is directly related to specific blockers while the remaining 3 weeks belongs to estimation errors. 

Half of my brain is yelling at me "we can get there in another week!", but the other half isn't buying it at all. Adding this cushion will allow for a more productive, controlled, and precise workflow, so I'm making the call. 

I know this will be a disappointment for some of you and I hope you know I completely understand and I'm right there with you. The reality is my assumptions about the complexities of the assembly plan were off. I was right that using off the shelf parts would greatly simplify the process, but simplifying doesn't suddenly make it simple. That realization is my takeaway from the last 4 weeks of grinding.

All in all, I'm really stoked about where we are and what the next couple of weeks are looking like. Your support is always appreciated and I look forward to sharing progress as the next two weeks unfold.

As always, please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns and I will get back to you ASAP.

The next update will be going out on Sunday. Until then, cheers and head nods to you and yours.





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