Astoria Borealis

Hey Folks, hope you all had a great holiday and are prepped and ready for the most amateur of all amateur nights, New Years Eve. We had a great Christmas here in NYC with lots of friends and family. Last night we even had a visit from a very special guest...

That’s definitely Zuul!

That’s definitely Zuul!

But what appeared to be a spectral invasion was just your every day gigantic transformer explosion at a Con Ed power plant. The plant is actual 2 blocks from my apartment in Astoria, and right next door to our Argyle Labs storage unit. Luckily there were no injuries or damages beyond the immediate transformer. 

Today will be my first 100% full day back on Mugsy so not much to report just yet. I will be working primarily on assembly today and doing some additional software updates over the weekend on the Decaf API.  I have also set up the form for panel color selection but have not yet published it. That link will be going out on Sunday. 

The next update with some actual content/news will be this Sunday, sometime in the evening. 

I hope all is well out there in backer land and have a great weekend!