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Hey folks, I'm now back in the shop full time and knee deep in frame assembly. Let's get to it!

More Models

I have upload several more parts models to the GitHub:

  • Pour Over Mechanism Mid Section

  • Pour Over Mechanism Gear

  • Pour Over Mechanism Gear Top

  • Barcode Scanner Mount

  • Grinder Coarseness Gear

You can find them here:

Heating Element Testing Complete

Testing is done and the parts have been ordered.  I thought I would have these by Wednesday 11/7 but it looks like they will arrive 11/12.

Extension Kit for Larger Mugs

Thanks to our good friends on the Dev and Community Forum we will have a kit available to raise Mugsy's head section to allow room for jumbo sized mugs and even carafes. I am not sure on pricing yet. It will probably be between $20-$30.

It will include four extrusions and be a simple swap out to install. I will have these available for order before we ship your unit, so you will get the parts in the same shipment. More details on this next week.

Adjusted First Shipment Dates

I am a couple of days behind on the frame assembly run throughs. I expect to complete them over the weekend. This will push our expected first shipments from the 15th to the 21st. This will only impact the first 10-20 units going out. I will have more info when I release the frame building metrics on Sunday.

Mugsy T-Shirts

Do people even want these? Prices would be somewhere under 20 bucks and they would be for sale on Amazon. Let me know in the comments. If there is enough interest I can have them available really quickly thanks to my super fancy Amazon Merch account.

Ok, thats all for now. Next update on Sunday!



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