From Mug to Face

Hey folks, hope you have all had a great weekend. Just a couple of quick updates tonight.

Mug Checking

I did the final testing on Mugsy's proximity sensor breakout this afternoon. We are using a TMD2772, which is typically used to help cell phones automatically adjust screen brightness and sense when you have moved the phone up to your ear. We use it to make sure you have an empty mug in place before Mugsy will start brewing your coffee. 

That flashing IR is invisible in real life but your cell phone camera has no problem picking it up!

Frame Assembly

Frame assembly is ongoing. The two boxes of extrusion I dragged to the shop did not have any of the 150mm lengths in them. These are required to connect the head section frame base. I will be heading over to the storage unit tomorrow to grab some so I can sign off on the first couple of frames. 


The people have spoken! We will have t-shirts available in another day or two. They will be available in multiple colors and all sizes will be available. There will be three styles available:

  • Robot Coffee For All

  • Drink Coffee And Destroy

  • Logo with no other text

As mentioned previously, they will be sold on Amazon instead of our web store. Links will go out once I have them.

Thats all for tonight. Plan is to have an update after I get the 150mm extrusions into the shop from storage and complete the frames. That should be tomorrow but might be Tuesday depending on timing.



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