Frame Assembly Started

Hey Folks, happy Saturday! Just a couple of quick bits of info today.


I have started the first steps of assembly of the enclosure frames. That sounds more exciting than it actually is as it's mostly organizing parts into sets right now. The plan is to have 3-5 frames assembled by Wednesday. This should give me enough of a sample size to start judging assembly times and to discover any weird assembly quirks.

Once those 5 are done I will adjust assembly methods as needed and assemble another 5 frames. Those 10 frames will then be the first batch to go through the complete build out. 

Hario V60

I started testing a mount for the Hario V60 pour over cone. This will be the first non Mugsy pour over method that we will be integrating. This is kind of a big deal since I always wanted Mugsy to be able to work with existing or preferred set ups. I'll be printing another version tonight and if all goes well I will release the model tomorrow.

Other People's Robots

My update scheduling has been a bit off the last two weeks as I've been working on a robotics and software build out for Disney. The exhibit opens on Tuesday so I'll be back to a more manageable schedule at that point. 

I will have another update before then but it will be a quick one. Plan is to at least have some pics of multiple frames to show off. The first big and in depth update will be going out on Wednesday, possibly Thursday. 

Ok, thats all for today! I hope you all have a great weekend!