Hey folks! I hope all of our stateside friends had a safe and lazy holiday weekend. I spent my days napping and wave jumping at Jacob Riis beach in Rockaway. I'm back in the shop as of yesterday. I spent most of the day catching up on emails and back office admin work. I'm now back working on the Mugsy OS release as well as inventory sorting for the next batch of units.

A couple of updates to run through:

  • Most of the first batch units have been distributed throughout the North American FBA warehouses. Folks from the first batch should start seeing shipping notifications hitting their inbox today and tomorrow.

  • The shipping worksheet will be updated as needed tomorrow.

  • To help facilitate ramping up shipping quantities I started hacking together a pogo pin programming rig for Mugsy's Arduinos. This will allow me to bulk program and test the boards with minimal effort. Fit is tested and confirmed so I just need to complete wiring. This will be finished this afternoon.

Baby’s first pogo rig.

Baby’s first pogo rig.

  • The Alexa app is not yet showing up for lots of you. Im digging into that today and should have a resolution in the next update. There is already an Alexa post on the forum so I will post any new info there if we make progress before I start writing up the next update.

OK, thats it for now. Next update will be on Thursday and as noted above, shipping worksheet updates will go out tomorrow.

Thanks and have a great day!