Kitty CNC

Hey folks, gonna jump right in!

Kitty #2 hanging on the CNC.

Kitty #2 hanging on the CNC.

V2 PCB Prototyping

Digging into shipping has provided me with a fresh perspective on some of Mugsy's designs. I've been rethinking the wiring and PCBs and have started initial prototyping of the V2 mainboard. I'd like to put a bit of gas on this fire so I can start swapping them into future shipments.

I've been using the Carvey to make the protos so I can bypass the fab house at this early stage. Most of the effort so far has gone to dialing in the machine for PCB milling. It's a whole different beast than I'm used to wrestling with. At this point I'm stoked with route isolation. Only thing I still need to sort out is getting the right pad size so there's enough copper left after the drilling pass.

Ive been testing settings with a simplified version of the design:

Missing: Three broken end mills.

Missing: Three broken end mills.

I typically use KiCAD for PCD design but have been using Eagle for this board. Autodesk now has some middleware that integrates Eagle into Fusion360 which is my daily driver for CAD design. I'm not sure if it's actually useful yet, but I'm interested in seeing if it's a more efficient tool chain...

Shipping Worksheet Updated

The worksheet has been updated. The important bits:

  • Batch 2 is heading out to the distribution center from the shop tomorrow.

  • Around 30 units from batch 3 have moved into prep

  • I had to make some adjustments to our FBA set up and it will be another 24-48 hours before the 1st batch tracking numbers go out.

  • On Monday I will start assembling a few Ready To Brew units so we can start getting those into the fulfilment chain.

I'll have a larger update on shipping on Saturday.

Other Bits

Ive made some good progress on Mugsy OS. Im hoping to have it all wrapped up and ready to go by Sunday.

  • I'm about 90% done with a complete CAD model that folks can use to design internal parts. It will be going out in Saturdays update.

  • The pogo pin programmer from the last update is working out really well!



Ok, thats all for tonight! Next update will be on Saturday.