Vacation Part 2 + 201st Update Giveaway

Hey Folks! We're leaving NYC for a quick weekend away today. I will be gone until Monday night. I will not be replying to emails or support tickets until Tuesday. There will be an update on Tuesday once I'm back at my desk.

All I ever wanted…

All I ever wanted…

There is a batch of units going to the DC today. I will update the worksheet at some point over the next 48 hours.

201st Giveaway

That is a lot of updates! Sounds like a good time for another giveaway...

OK, here are the prizes:

  • 3rd Place: Mugsy Mug

  • 2nd Place: Nautilus Roasting Coffee + Mugsy Mug

  • 1st Place: Raspberry Pi 4 1GB + Nautilus Roasting Coffee + Mugsy Mug

Enter your email and backer/order number here:

Robot Mugs for All!

Robot Mugs for All!

Ok, thats all for now! Have a great weekend and I'll see all of you next week!