Discord is Alive

Hey Folks, we have opened up the Discord server!

You can check it out here: https://discord.gg/UNDDUAB

Be sure to check out the community guidelines which basically boil down to "Don't be a jerk". Mugsy folks are the best folks I've ever met, but as we open up more communities and begin to grow it's important to make these things official.

Extra special thanks to our mod and admin team, users Dphillips, Johndezember and Dale!

Mugsy OS

I have completed the majority of testing and clean up on the code base. I still have a few release types to configure. I also want to set up some build automation before pushing everything live.

I have my niece and nephew in from Seattle so I will be doing the NYC tourist thing today and tomorrow. Code will start going up Wednesday evening and Thursday. I want to get some sort of community testing checklist together but I'm not totally sure what that looks like just yet. I'll have a think on that and have something firmed up for Thursday's update.

Counting Pi.

Counting Pi.

200 Updates

Just realized this is the 200th update! I'm going to set up a giveaway for update 201 to celebrate. Stay tuned...

OK, thats all for now. I hope to see a bunch of you on the discord channel! next update is Thursday night!