Non Blocking Motor Controller Bug Fixed

Hey Folks, just a quick update to let you know that the non-blocking bug is now fixed. I have also updated the command formatting to simplify controlling different functions over the serial connection. 

Query Types:

  • Move: Just move the cone: <M,CC,400,60.00>

  • Brew: Run cone moves, water pumps and servo: <B,400,60.00,ml,time,angle,speed>

  • Temp: Get Temp: <T>

  • Water: Just Pump Water:<W,ml,time>

  • Servo: Just move Servo: <S,angle,speed>

  • Weight: Just get Weight:<W>

Please note that these are the control commands that are sent over serial from the Pi, either manually or automatically. That is why they look different from the standard Decaf REST API commands. This is basically the language the Arduino speaks to do the Pi's bidding...

Just need to attach the new Servo and Water flags to those existing control objects and this is done and done.

I'm taking tomorrow off so next update will be on Monday. Updated shipping worksheet will go out then.

Thanks and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!